We received great feedback and the slides really helped tell the story. And then today we received a “unanimous thumbs up” to proceed with the deal!

— E Cairo, VP, TAP

Level Up Your Presentations

What if your business presentations led to traction and agreement, if people came up to you after you present to tell you they were impressed?
Instead of the same old semi-decent job...

I See You.

You worked hard to be in the room to present. Now you have this ONE shot to make your message count... only:

  • Your slides are dull. You've never had any training in presentation design.

  • You have a hard time showing complex information in a clear (dare I say even FUN) way.

  • You sometimes feel you leave opportunity on the table after you present—like you could have achieved better alignment.

Persuasive Presentations is made for you

Get the proven formula for compelling slides

Even with no background in slide design or PowerPoint, the step-by-step tutorials in the course will make you look like a seasoned professional. Your slides will be transformed into compelling, visual experiences that leave an impression.

Slides we design in class

Comprehensive curriculum

Delivered through short and easy demo lessons

    1. Welcome to the Course!

    1. Interface Walk-through

    2. Your Deck Setup

    3. You Template Setup

    1. Presentation Design Formula

    2. Simplifying Content

    3. Design Demo: Sidebar & Icons

    4. Design Demo: Breaking up Content

    1. Why We Need Emphasis

    2. How to Emphasize What's Important

    3. Design Demo: Emphasis with Buttons

    4. Design Demo: Emphasis on Chart Insight

    5. Design Demo: Emphasis on Project Timeline

    6. Strengthening the Title

    1. Using Images to Tell a Better Story

    2. Working with Icons

    3. Image Cropping & Overlays

    4. Standardizing Images

    5. Dynamic Shapes & Backgrounds

    6. Formula RECAP

    1. Customizing Template Colors & Fonts (Globally)

    2. Updating Template Charts & Images

    3. How To Best Use Templates

About this course

  • $499.00
  • 45 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content

Our customers have seen massive results

“The best thing is – the very first sales presentation I gave with the new slides resulted in a sale!”

— Bill Q., Founder

“This was educational, informational, and made me look good in my marketing role. I can't overstate how important and valuable this has been for our startup.”

Jen W., VP of Marketing

“I've had several decks designed in the past but have never had one I loved until now.”

Mahmood U., Chief Operating Officer

Start Creating Winning Presentations!

Persuade Through Design

  • Slide Design Formula

    Learn our easy-to-follow slide design formula and transform your presentations into visually appealing masterpieces.

  • Insider Tips

    Gain access to insider tips and tricks from my career as a professional presentation designer, working with top international companies and designing pitch decks that have raised over $1B.

  • Easy-to-Follow Demos

    Get easy-to-follow demos on designing slides with custom images, tables, charts, icons, and animations that will take your presentations to the next level.

Slide Design Formula

I share my slide design formula. I'm known for being strategic, but my formula itself is short and easy to understand and apply. This is the exact formula I use when I design anything from a winning pitch deck to a staff update to a conference keynote.

✔   3-step slide design formula
✔  Applying it in a variety of settings
✔  Live design demos

Designing for Impact

You don't have time to learn design from scratch, nor do you need to do that to have persuasive slides.

In this section, I'll teach you how to edit and tweak the most important parts of your slides to strengthen your messages:

✔   Finding and editing photos
✔   Finding and editing icons
✔   Designing & emphasizing charts
✔   Designing & emphasizing tables
✔   Designing & emphasizing maps
✔  Important animations

Live Demos & Downloadable Resources

Throughout the course, I do live design demos and tutorials where I design slides from scratch or from general templates, so you get a sense of exactly how I would do things if I had slides like yours!

✔   Live design demos
✔   You get the 'why' and the 'how'
✔   Tons of downloadable resources:
       from all the slides we design in class to examples of good titles, editable helper slides and more


“I continue to get compliments on how elevated our look has become and it's all because of you!”

— G Feiner, Brand Manager, Onsite

We've helped dozens of clients

My design agency has worked with the biggest international companies.
Last year alone, pitch decks I designed raised over $1 Billion.

No-risk guarantee

We have a 7-day NO QUESTIONS ASKED money-back guarantee.

If, for any reason, the course is not what you expect, simply send us an email within 7 days of purchase, and you'll get a refund with no questions asked.

Imagine how you're going to feel...

when you walk into your next presentation with a strong, persuasive deck

» you will have slides that get traction
» you will have visuals that tell a story
» and you won't have to spend hours on your slides

Bonus material

Our bonus materials can be used and reused in endless future decks

  • BONUS: Editable Tables

    Along with editable versions of all tables we design in class, you'll get an extensive editable project plan table!

  • BONUS: Editable Maps

    You get editable maps of the US and the world, so you can easily highlight the areas you work, you want to expand to, and more.

  • BONUS: Editable Processes

    You’ll get a deck of editable processes for linear, circular, and step-wise processes to cover everything you need for timelines, processes, or milestones to a goal.

What we're hearing about the course

“I got a big compliment on my slides today! This is the first time that's happened to me in the four years I've been at the firm. Thank you!! My colleagues said my slides were so good I could teach a master class on slide design!”

Savera T., Project Manager

“A colleague just asked me if I'd done the deck myself because of all the improvements I've been making!”

Lindsey L., Strategy Expert

“Not to keep on bragging about it, but I got another compliment on my presentation today. lol
Thanks again!”

Persuasive Presentations Course Attendee

Ready to Learn?

To sum it up, here's everything you get when you enroll today:

✔  6 Demo-Packed Modules (40 Lessons) (VALUE $1,490)
✔  BONUS Lesson on Slide Consistency (VALUE $49)
✔  BONUS Lesson on Converting to Google Slides (VALUE $49)
✔  BONUS Lesson on AI Tools for Presentations (VALUE $49)
✔  BONUS Deck with Editable Tables (VALUE $49)
✔  BONUS Deck with Editable Maps (VALUE $49)
✔  BONUS Deck with Editable Processes (VALUE $49)

You don't want to learn presentation design from anyone.

Learn from a professional presentation designer who works with high-end international clients and has designed winning pitch, sales, and business decks for years.

I'm Boriana

Founder of the Linia Lab presentation design agency

In my career as a presentation designer, I've worked with companies like Indeed, Samsung, and Zola. I've designed official TED Talks and even designed the winning pitch deck for one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of the Year.

After working with countless founders, CEOs, consultants, marketers, coaches, and business leaders to design and polish their most important presentations, I saw the tremendous need for better practices in presentations.

These days, so much important information is shared in—and so many important decisions are made in—meetings. And those of us with strong, compelling presentations have a huge advantage.

This is why I created this course—to give you the know-how to improve your decks and supercharge your influence and career.
Boriana Ditcheva, Founder, Linia Lab


  • Who is The Persuasive Presentations Course for? Should I join?

    The Persuasive Presentations Course if for anyone who creates and gives presentations, but does not have a design background to make their slides and ideas stand out. It assumes zero background knowledge of design principles or PowerPoint. The course starts at the very beginning and will give you targeted tutorials to learn how to create impactful slides. The course is perfect for: start-up founders, business professionals, consultants and freelancers, and PowerPoint beginners.

  • Will I get instant access?

    As soon as you hit “Enroll” and process your payment, you’ll receive instant access to the entire course. You'll retain access to the course for two years.

  • What is your refund policy?

    I’m confident you’ll learn so much with Persuasive Presentations. If for some reason the strategies inside this course aren’t for you, we can refund your purchase up to 7 days after the purchase date.

  • I’m super busy. Do I have time for this?

    I completely understand! I work with a lot of busy clients. That's why I created a course where you can go at your own pace, and why I broke up the lessons to be very short and digestible. And you can take as long as you need between lessons. If you still need ready made materials, rather than a course, have a look at my editable templates at linialab.com.

  • What presentation software do you use in the course?

    All the demos are in PowerPoint, as it's currently the most robust design software for presentations. There is a bonus module on importing your deck to Google Slides, if that's your preferred presentation system.

  • How does this differ from other presentation design courses?

    As a professional presentation designer, I've looked through and taken a lot of the presentation courses out there. There's nothing like this guide on the market.

    • Pitch-focused courses cover slide content.  But they gloss over effective design or suggest you use templates
    • While PowerPoint-focused courses go straight into design tricks: they ignore content principles and feel like a dump of PowerPoint features.

    This course takes a holistic approach.  In just a few lessons, you'll learn my design formula and learn the most essential PowerPoint features to create slides that persuade. And you can download the slides I design and use them in all your future presentations.

I need to level up my decks!